Procuring MMRDA NOC

We procure MMRDA NOC, MHADA NOC, MCGM NOC and so on for construction approval. NOC stands for ‘No Objection Certificate’, it’s a document that helps developers clear the first step towards obtaining an Intimation of Disapproval or an IOD that will help earn a ‘Commencement certificate’.

The word of real estate is a complicated structure of multiple hierarchies, documentations, compliances, clearances and so on.

It’s easy to lose sight of the project when one is subjected to follow the process laid out by the government. This process is responsible for delaying the timely completion of infrastructure projects in Mumbai which in turn can prove to be costly for developers.

Documentation is always on hold and getting licenses at every step may turn tedious for even the most ambitious developers.

With our decades of expertise in the real estate sector, the team of Buicons aim to act as Project Management Consultants (PMC) to help developers deal with the problem of gaining approvals from renowned government authorities.

As project management consultants, we provide construction services like architecture and designing, pre and post-construction services and liasoning services. Our liasoning services involve liasoning or coordinating with institutes and authorities to gain approvals and clearances.

As part of our liasoning services we conduct the following:

  • Procuring MMRDA NOC
  • NOC from other institutes like MCGM and MHADA
  • Obtaining IOD, Occupation Certificate and Commencement Certificate
  • Procuring High-rise NOC from MCGM
  • Procuring NOCs from MOEF, Civil Aviation, Railways, Local Ward offices, CFO etc
  • Coordinating for all relevant documentation from all listed institutions and offices
  • Registration services etc

Our liasoning services help us plan a fool-proof action for your project. We ensure that a smooth process is conducted for you and that you are involved at every step for ensuring complete transparency.

As Project Management Consultants, we understand the importance and potential that every project holds and we work around the clock to nurture it. Get to know more about our liasoning services here.

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