commencement certificate

In the realm of construction, a commencement certificate acts as a license to begin the construction work of a building. It allows a builder to commence the construction work of a building. As a legal document, it is needed to avoid any penalties or demolition in the future.

Difference Between A Commencement And Occupancy Certificate

A commencement certificate is a legal document issued by the local authority that allows a builder or developer to begin work on the actual construction of the housing project in accordance with the approved plan. This certificate is achieved via thorough inspection which is conducted in two phases.

An Occupancy certificate, on the other hand, allows a developer or makes them eligible for amenities that are provided by the local ward like electricity, water, drainage, road, sanitation etc. Through an occupancy certificate, they can start housing people after receiving all the amenities.

How To Obtain A Commencement Certificate?

To obtain a commencement certificate, a builder has to comply with necessary laws, sanctions, licenses and permits for the map. The builder has to set foundations and layouts of the superstructure after which authorities can issue a commencement certificate after the plan has been thoroughly checked.

This document is issued by the local municipal authorities and is only issued after ALL the legal compliances are met with. This is combined with a preliminary check of the construction plan, the building plan, the layout of the building, All NOCs pertaining to the structure, timeline etc.

The developer will have to obtain clearances from necessary departments like railways, airports, fire, water department, sewage department, electricity department etc.

Documents Required For Obtaining A Commencement Certificate

You need the following documents, if not more to be able to provide proof for receiving a commencement certificate.

  • Tax receipts
  • No Objection Certificates from all institutes, departments, wards etc
  • Property documents
  • Photographs

Process of Obtaining a Commencement Certificate

Once everything is in place, the commencement certificate is issued in two phases, first in the plinth area and second for the superstructure. The certificate is issued at every phase after thorough inspection is conducted. Once the requirements of the first phase are done, the developer has to lay the foundations of the superstructure and build the boundaries of the project. It’s a long process that can take months if not years to obtain this legal document

How Can Buicons Help?

IAt Buicons, we have liasoning services hat coordinate with the authorities on your behalf to ensure that the certificates are obtained on time and with complete transparency.

Our team liasons for important documents like NOCs, registrations, IODs etc from departments like :

  • MCGM
  • Civil Aviation
  • Fire Departments etc.

After research on the plot, we create a foolproof plan of action to procure all the necessary documents and clear both the first and second phase of inspection with you.

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