Linking Your Dreams To Reality :
To define our business in simple terms: We make things happen for you. Our in-house services will ensure that:
  • Your projects are designed with an exemplary understanding of business
  • Your requirements are taken care of
  • Your approvals are done on time
  • Your collaborations are well-sorted
  • All communications are clear and precise
  • Your projects are completed on time

By making the process simple, we want to build trust, certainty and loyalty through honest work ethics. Our objective is to serve our clients in a passionate, productive and positive manner, abiding by utmost professionalism.
End-To-End Inhouse Building Solutions :
  • Project feasibility study
  • Project management consultancy for Re-development / Self Redevelopment & Projects undertaken by Developer / Societies respectively
  • Liasoning services to get various approvals from MCGM / MHADA / Estate Department/ MMRDA / Civil Aviation / SRA / CFO / High Rise
Project Planning / Pre-Construction Services :
  • Project planning as per the requirement of the Developer by taking cognizance of all Development Norms of MCGM / Government of Maharashtra / MHADA / MCZMA / MOEF / Civil Aviation etc
  • Preparation of Working Drawing
  • Preparing Elevations and 3D Views for the project
  • Co-ordinating with Structural Engineer, MEP consultants and Landscape Designer for added precision
Liasoning Services :
  • Liasoning with MCGM / MHADA / MMRDA for Approval of Plans, Procuring IOD, Commencement Certificate and Occupation Certificate
  • Procuring NOC from MCGM / Collector /Leased plots from MCGM Estate / Collector
  • Procuring High Rise NOC from MCGM
  • Procuring Heritage NOC from MHCC
  • Procuring CRZ NOC from MCZMA
  • Procuring MOEF NOC from Ministry of Environment
  • Procuring MMRDA NOC related to Metro / Mono etc
  • Procuring Civil Aviation NOC for Maximum permissible Height
  • Procuring MHADA NOC for redevelopment proposals
  • Procuring CFO NOC from Chief Fire Officer, MCGM
  • Procuring NOC from Railways for plots coming in railway buffer
  • Procuring various NOC’s from Local Ward Offices
  • Demarcation of RL from MCGM and handing over RL to MCGM
Project Feasibility Study / Strategy Consultancy :
Every plot has a unique potential for development and redevelopment. We do an in-depth verification of property documents and prepare a feasibility study based on the location of the property, the size of the property etc. which will be beneficial to the developer/society (in case of Self Development). The feasibility study includes and analyses:
  • Maximum Permissible FSI as per MCGM norms
  • Tentative cost of Development / Redevelopment, including MCGM premiums, rent and corpus as per the locality (in case of Redevelopment)
  • Tentative revenue

A detailed upfront feasibility study will be helpful to the developer/society (in the case of Self Development) in order to make strategic development plans in terms of:
  • Cost of purchase of property
  • Overall cash flow
  • Cost of development
  • Rent
  • Corpus
  • The time frame of the project
  • Nature of development
  • Size of sale flats etc which will maximize the returns on capital
Project Management Consultancy for Developer / Society (Self Redevelopment) :
  • Project feasibility study
  • Planning, liasoning & execution of the project as per the decided timeline
  • Pre-construction services
  • Appointment of Consultants
  • Co-ordination with consultants / contractors
  • Tendering for the project
  • Purchase of construction material
  • Quality control
  • Assurance programs
  • Quantity Surveying for contractor payment
  • Getting the project duly registered under RERA after complying all the norms for registration
  • Complying with all quarterly submissions
  • Co-Ordinating with Chartered Accountants for the cost of completed work
  • Liasoning with RERA authority
Stamp Duty / Registration / GST / Property Tax liasoning :
  • Providing services towards the adjudication of property, stamp duty and registration
  • Providing services related to property tax matter
Land Records :
  • Liasoning with land records for any changes required in Property Registered Card.
  • Liasoning with land records for demarcation of plot
  • Subdivision of PR card due to handing over RL / Reservation / Amenity plot etc
Marketing & Sales :
  • Creating marketing strategies
  • Supporting sales growth
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