permission for construction

A building requires permission for construction before the actual construction can commence.

In real estate terms, we call it a ‘construction approval’. This approval is a license or a ‘go-ahead’ that government authorities provide to begin the construction process. It is a tedious process but it is undertaken to legalise a project before it can be completed.

If a project that doesn’t have construction approval from important authorities, then it may face legal issues in the long run, especially during the sale of the property.

For getting the approval, there are norms, policies and documentation that one needs to complete and comply with in order to obtain approval. At Buicons, we have a dedicated team that specializes in gaining approvals from wards and local authorities to ensure that your project commences and is completed on time.

Our process of obtaining permission includes the following clearances:

  • We create and submit a building plan which details the outline of the structure in a graphical form. This is to get an idea of how the structure will look post-construction. Construction can only take place after the plan is approved.
  • Next step is the approval of the layout plan. This is done on the basis of Floor Space Index or Floor Area Ratio.
  • The project requires an Intimation of Disapproval (IOD), this document states that all the compliances have been dealt with. In some areas an IOD acts and a commencement certificate itself.
  • Once the above gets a green light, we then obtain the commencement certificates from respective authorities. This certificate concretes the final approval of the plan and the construction can take place once it is obtained.

With professional expertise and unending dedication, our team manages everything for you. From registration to liasoning to approvals, our process ensures that all the requirements are met in order to gain commencement certificates.

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