Building plan approval

In real estate, Building approval is a permit that is obtained once a project gets approved for construction. This document is backed by formalities and clearances. Procuring a building plan approval requires thorough liasoning and follow-ups.

At Buicons, we enforce a process that ensures obtaining building plan approvals. Our team keeps in constant touch with municipal authorities and wards to get land and zonal clearances to give way for the building approval in the municipality wards.

For municipality plan approval, we obscure the following:

  • Building Plan: Submitting the building plans before construction activities. The plan is created in the form of graphical representation of the structure and what it will look like post-construction.
  • Layout Approval: The layout plan requires approval from various authorities. The plan is approved as per Floor Area Ratio or Floor Space Index. Approval on such is required as unapproved buildings don’t get a permit for occupancy and will be treated as unlawful or exempt.
  • Intimation of disapproval: The Intimation of Disapproval or IOD states the conditions that have to be complied with during different phases of under construction process. IOD is also considered as a construction permit in some areas under different conditions.
  • Commencement Certificate: Commencement certificates is the permission to start construction work from local development authority.

With our liasoning process, we work around-the-clock to clear the conditions and solicit building and municipal plan approvals for commercial and residential structures. Our aim is to ensure a smooth process with zero glitches or long waiting time.

In our endeavour, we have successfully completed projects and acquired commencement certificates for all of our existing clients. Having worked with some of the renowned groups in the real estate industry, our experience helps us to make the process simpler and easier for your dream project.

Have a look at our portfolio for more information on our work.

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