architecture planning

Creating a structure requires architecture planning and in-depth knowledge of designing. Architecture is a discipline which is based on the nuances of accuracy and creativity. With its help, you can create a blueprint or an outline of your dream project.

The architectural plan details structure drawings, calculations, specifications and time planning of the construction. This extensive data helps developers to understand the scope of the project and dedicate time and cost accordingly.

At Buicons, we provide architecture and design services to our clients as part of our overall project management services. With our professional expertise, we do our best to understand our client’s requirements and create a structure that can appeal to the public. This will directly benefit the overall sales of the project, whether commercial or residential.

How we create, design and plan

  • 1. Project planning::

    This initial phase requires scrutiny with the developer’s requirements. We take cognizance of all development norma and rules stated by MAHDA, MCGM, Government of Maharashtra, MOIF, Civil aviation etc. Compliance is the basic step.
  • 2. Preparation of working drawings:

    Once the approvals are in place, we begin working drawings to create an outline of the structure and detail he necessary calculations and timelines.
  • 3. Preparing elevations and 3D views:

    3D views and models are prepared to understand the overall look and feel. 3D models help us to gauge space allocation and plan for unforeseen risk.
  • 4. Adding precision:

    For added precision, we take coordinate and take useful opinions from structural engineers, MEP consultants and landscape designers to create the perfect structure.

Architecture planning in India has scope to grow, and we take this potential and apply it for developing your dream project. At Buicons, our years of expertise has taught us to plan, implement and take necessary spontaneous actions to enable timely project completion.

Having worked with some of the most formidable groups in India, we were able to establish some of the glorious commercial and residential high-rise buildings. Surf through our services and portfolio for more information on our work.

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