Project Management Consultancy Services

What is Project Management Consultancy Services?

Project Management consultancy services is a vertical that offers a range of services pertaining to the construction and development of real estate properties. It can include applying building expertise, obtaining approvals, following best practices and so on, from the first step of the project to the last. A PMC acts as an extension of the development project by overlooking the overall management of the building plan.

This form of consulting comes with various strategies like risk assessment, designing and planning, project chartering, feasibility studies, liasoning services, quality controlling, working with third-party experts and so on to ensure timely and quality completion of the project.

Why Should I Hire Project Management Consultants?

Your project or firm needs a project management consultancy to:

  • Design a unique project that will sustain long-lasting revenue
  • Procure legal documents to abide by the development norms
  • Applying building expertise to manage the overall work with quality
  • Control and manage any risks that come your way
  • Ensure timely completion of the project

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. A PMC has the potential to nourish and flourish your structure with their industry expertise and years of working on different forms of project, so this expertise can act as a solution in times of need.

How Can Buicons Consultants Help You?

At Buicons, our project management consultancy services are categorized into three- architecture, liasoning and construction. Overall, our project management process includes the following:

  • Project feasibility studies: To define the scope of the project, we analyse the required cost, develop a design and establish the legal documents that are mandatory. Project feasibility will give you an in-depth understanding of the planning and performance of the project
  • Architectural and designing solutions: To help create a sophisticated and practical design for the plot, we study and create a blue-pint of the structure through architectural planning. Everything is done by keeping the requirements of the client in mind and we ensure that our clients are involved in every step.
  • Liasoning services: To help take the burden off your shoulders, our teams liaisons with government officials and development authorities like MMRDA, MHADA, Local Wards Etc to obtain permits and approvals. We establish a timeline and improvise as per the needs.
  • Pre and Post-construction services: Pre and post-construction planning are done to ensure that everything is ready before and after the actual construction takes place. Once complete, we ensure that commencement permits and certificates are obtained to open the building for use.

If you need assistance regarding anything pertaining to a development, redevelopment or self-development project then Buicons has the means to get it done for you. Our team is experienced enough with a wide range of portfolio to help you succeed.

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