Self redevelopment for developers

We offer self redevelopment for developers because Mumbai as a city needs the potential of self-development.

The city of Mumbai is very old. It suffers from over-usage and natural issues like floods, heavy rains and water clogging. These conditions lead the structures of the city to deplete with time. Structures that are decades old require maintenance and repair, however, the maintenance is done through a temporary patchwork which needs to be scrutinized from time to time.

With the lack of trust in builder-led redevelopment, the societies don’t maintain the structures which can leave the developers in a tight situation. Let’s not forget the tedious process of getting approvals for redevelopment.

Hence, at Buicons, we offer assistance in self redevelopment for developers and societies. The concept of self-redevelopment is simple, it is a concept where members or residents of a housing society take the responsibility of redeveloping/maintaining the old plots/buildings in their own hands.

This process is far more easy and trustworthy as compared to builder-led redevelopment. It takes fewer hindrances, less cost thanks to lack of middlemen and successful redevelopment of the project.

Our services were created to help housing society developers to maintain their buildings. We offer the following:

  • Complete transparency
  • Thorough research on the nature of development through project feasibility studies
  • A fool-proof plan of action
  • Liasoning with important government authorities
  • Meeting with necessary norms and compliances set by construction and development institutions like MADHA, MCGM etc
  • Appointment of consultants
  • Tendering of the project
  • Quality control
  • Assurance programs
  • Quantity surveying for contractor payment
  • Pre-construction services etc.

Our goal is to help developers maintain their plot/buildings without any hindrance. This is why we offer complete construction solutions like architecture designing, liasoning and approvals, pre and post-construction services and so on.

Our team, led by real estate professionals, work to ensure that your project is in good hands and that you are involved at every step in order to assure complete transparency.

To know more about our services Click here.

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