project feasibility consultancy

At Buicons, project feasibility consultancy is part of our overall project management services.

Building a project from scratch requires multiple approvals, studies, calculations etc. This helps us to determine a cost, set timelines and provide a fool-proof plan to our clients.

We believe that every plot has a unique scope/potential for development. To understand this potential, we conduct research and study the plot carefully. We verify documents, prepare a study based on the plot’s locations, note down the requirements, analyse the size of the property etc to conclude the benefits to the developers.

Project Feasibility Consultancy Services Takes Cognizance Of

  • Analysing the maximum permissible FSI as per the MCGM norms
  • Tentative cost of development/ redevelopment. This includes cost like MCGM premium, rent and corpus as per the locality etc
  • Tentative revenue that can be generated after the development/redevelopment of the plot

A proper feasibility study helps us create a strategic plan for the development / redevelopment of the plot. With its help, we detail the following:

  • Overall cash flow from the project
  • Rent
  • Corpus
  • Timeline of project completion
  • The type of development that is needed
  • Cost of purchase of property
  • Size of sale flats that maximizes results

Our team at Buicons have had years of experience conducting plot development feasibility studies. With this experience, we provide accurate project feasibility consultancy services to our clients.

We like to conduct thorough research, analysis and risk assessment of the project. This lets us pan out a plan of action for gaining approvals and licences in line with the timeframe of the project.

With our team’s assistance, we are sure that your plot will be developed with success through the incorporation of a winning strategy. We also provide assistance with development-related issues like taxation, budgeting, pre-and post-construction assistance, marketing and sales analysis etc.

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