INDIAN REAL ESTATE 2020AC (AFTER COVID) E-Registration of Agreements
  • 1. SALE AGREEMENT AS PER RERA FORMAT: Builder/ Developer can Apply for online Registration of Agreement for max 20 units in the project.
  • 2. Sale Agreement in Developer Format: Builder/ Developer can Apply for online Registration of Agreement for max 50 units in the project.
Infrastructure required for online Registration
  • • Computer
  • • Web Camera
  • • High-Speed Internet Connection (no Need for MPLS-VPN Connection)
  • • Thumb Scanner
  • • Digital Signature of Builders/Developers or Builders/ Developers authorised signatory who will execute the Agreement for sale.
  • • Digital Signature of Purchaser.
  • • All Documents needed to be scanned
Note: Purchaser can complete registration procedure from anywhere subject to availability of infrastructure as stated above. • Govt is working on launching of Mobile Application so that purchaser can complete registration by using mobile app.
Document Handling Charges
  • • Rs. 1000/- per Agreement
  • • Developer / Builders have to pay Advance Deposit through online as explained below, once the application for E-Registration is accepted Rs. 10,000/- in case Builder / Developer agrees to register sale agreement as per RERA format. Rs.50000/- in case Builder / Developer wish to register Sale Agreement as per their own format.
  • • Without payment of Advance Deposit Developer / Builder will not be able to start the process of E-registration
  • • Rs. 1000/- Document handling charges will be deducted from the Advance Deposit every time the Sale agreement gets Registered.
  • • Once the Advance Deposit becomes ZERO, Developer / Builder has to pay Rs. 1000/- every time before registration of agreement.
  • • Advance Deposit is non-refundable.
Requirement for Approval of E-Registration Facility
  • • Builders/ Developers complete details Name, Address, Contact Number, email ID, PAN No
  • • Full Details of Project
  • • RERA Registration No.
  • • No. of units for which online e-registration facility is required.
  • • Consent for utilisation of Draft Agreement as per Builder / Developers format or as per RERA format (General Format).
  • • Property Description i.e. C.S./CTS/F.P./ No., Ward, Division, Zone and sub zone for Ready Reckoner Rate.
  • • Consent for confirmation of all the terms and conditions related to Document Handling Charges.
  • • Details of person handling E-Registration Process i.e. Name, Address, Contact No., Email id etc.
Documents to be Annexed with Application
  • • Draft Agreement for Sale,
  • • RERA Registration Certificate
  • • Copy of all annexures which are required to be attached with agreement for sale.
  • • Board Resolution that Builder is interested to register the Units in the project under E-Registration facility and authorising Authorised Person for Submission of Application for E-Registration Process (In case where Builder / Developers is a partnership firm then No Objection Letter is required from all the partners)
  • • Board Resolution / Power of Attorney / Authority letter in the name of authorised person to execute the Agreement for sale.
  • • Self-Attested Indemnity Bond on Blank Sheet of Paper for taking responsibility while doing Process of E-Registration (i.e. filling Proper Details, Payment of proper Stamp Duty, capturing Photograph, capturing Thumb impression and also mentioning all the correct information of the Purchasers) and it will carefully verify / ensure the identity of the buyer and take adequate care of the security of the system (i.e. User ID, Passwords and OTP)

The above-mentioned Application and Annexures can be submitted in writing either in person or through email (*** with Digital Signature of Builders / Developers or Builders / Developers Authorised signatory at respective Joint District Registrar Office. In either of the cases, the Builders / Developers are also required to send the Soft Copy of Word file of the Agreement for Sale.

After Submission of application Joint District Sub-Registrar will verify and scrutinise the documents and send mail of approval / Disapproval order or Regret Letter in respect of the application.
Builder / Developer has the right to request the Deputy Inspector of General Registration to reconsider the Disapproval Order or Regret Letter issued by Joint District Registrar. The decision of Deputy Inspector of General of Registration will be final.

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