building construction permit

In construction terminology, building construction permit is a licence or approval that allows a developer to start construction work on his project.

In India, the long and tedious process of obtaining a building permit discourages developers and also hinders timely completion of their projects and increases cost. This somewhere limits the development of good infrastructure, but at the same time, however, gaining approvals is a necessary evil in order to comply with legal requirements.

The need for housing and innovative commercial spaces has been growing in India and these spaces can only exist if the project obtains building permits. Hence, with our dedicated team of working professionals, we liason with multiple authorities and wards to clear requirements and gain the permit.

Why Is a Building Permit Needed?

Whenever you create a new structure, complex, home or heavily renovate an existing one. You will be required to show a building permit to government authorities as proof that you have complied with all the legal necessities and now free to construct.

A building permit is required by both residential properties as well as commercial, more so for commercial establishments. If a property is built or extended without proper proof of approval then they can be demolished or heavily penalised by the civic body.

Process Of Obtaining A Building Construction Permit

  • Seeking a permit: To seek the permit, the first step is to procure No Obligation Certificate’ (NOC) from various authorities like MADHA, State Pollution control board, Mahanagar Palika, Telecom board etc.

  • Timeline: Securing a construction permit can take anywhere between 12 to 24 months. This process is tedious and un-ending and you will be required to submit a plethora of documents while you’re at it. Hence, planning a timeline and having all your documents handy is important so as to not delay the project.

  • Coordination: Coordination is the key to obtaining the building permit. You have to coordinate between various departments in a timely manner. Including this, the chaotic last-minute additions also require pre-planning and amendments.

With all these hindrances, many developers are seeking a single-window clearance option which can clear all the requirements through a single window. Hence, architecture, designing and development will be responsible for ensuring the correctness of the plan.

However, new rules still require you to abide by basic laws in order to commence the project.

We, at Buicons, are here to help you with exactly that. With our years of expertise in the real estate sector, we know the process from the back of our hands and we have a dedicated team that seeks, coordinates and manages timelines required to get a building permit.

We have successfully completed an array of projects with our expertise. Click here to get details on our portfolio.

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