architectural consultant

Construction services involve architectural consultants. To build a strong and sophisticated structure, an architecture plan is required.

Architecture plan is an outline or a layout of the developer’s project. This plan details the structure, it’s design, space allocations, calculations, timelines and risk assessments. This detailed blueprint helps construction workers to get an overall idea of the project and also assists them in planning pre-construction requirements.

However, before the construction starts, a developer is required to clear the basic norms and compliance to get a ‘go-ahead’ for the project. These compliance are laid down by government authorities and they carry out a tedious process to get cleared.

In this endeavour, we at Buicons assist you as architectural consultants by planning, designing and policy compliance.

Our architectural designing service include the following steps:

  • Planning of the project by taking cognizance of all development norms laid down by authorities like MCGM, MADHA, Civil aviation, Railway authorities, MOIF etc. Getting the basic approval is important as it legalizes the overall process and adds value to your project.
  • Once we have the approvals, we begin the work on creating an outline of the structure. This step gives way to a design plan which stated the nuances of the construction. It helps us define calculations and timelines for the overall completion of the project.
  • After creating the blueprint, we begin work on 3D modelling to give life to the drawings. The 3D model is a miniature created of the entire structure. It helps to define space allocation and assess risks pre-hand.
  • After getting everything ready, we seek assistance from engineers, MEP consultants and landscape designers for added scrutiny and precision.

Our service is a combination of professional expertise and thorough planning. We take every measure to ensure that your project gets the best craftsmanship while taking care of the hygienic norms.

As architectural consultants located in India, or services has helped us create some of the most sought-after projects in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Click here to surf through our portfolio.

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